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How can I win more auctions and pay less for items I win

Various magazines, books and online auction experts have acknowledged that you can win more auctions and pay less for the items you win simply by bidding only in the final moments of an auction Lastminutebidding hides your interest in an item until the final moments of an auction It is impossible for another bidder to keep raising the price of an item when he doesn’t even know you have an interest in it! Your last minute bid will suprise other bidders who have been watching the item for days and will prevent them from making larger counter bids before the auction ends

What is BidRobotcom and what does it do

BidRobottm is a eBay bid sniping program BidRobot is the name for a group of programs running on multiple highperformance servers that do nothing but place bids on eBay at the time you specify, check the status of the bid, and email you with the results BidRobot uses proprietary BidRobot technology to deal with slow server performance, BidRobot and eBay network bottlenecks, peak bid placement periods, and the many other realtime performance issues that threaten the integrity of your bid BidRobot is constantly being tuned and improved to distribute its load over multiple processes on multiple computers, running on multiple Internet backbones, on several different databases

Of course it’s not always convenient to place lastminutebids when many auctions end at all times of the day and night! Before BidRobot was available, overseas and east coast people would need to stay up in the middle of the night to place lastminute bids

Instead of placing your bids directly with eBay, you place them at the BidRobot site BidRobot will store your bid information and then automatically submit it to eBay, on your behalf, in the final moments of the auction eBay cannot tell the difference between a bid that you placed manually and a bid that is submitted for you by BidRobot so all the standard eBay bidding rules apply BidRobot can submit bids more reliably and consistantly that any other lastminutebidding method

BidRobot eBay sniping programYou get absolutely UNLIMITED bidding until your expiration date.

Snipe bid as many auctions as you want until your expiration date.

Absolutely No limit on the amount you can win until your expiration date!

** BIDROBOT'S WIN GUARANTEE: If you don't WIN MORE THAN the amount we've promised, then your account stays open for FREE, at our expense, past your expiration date, until you win the amount we promised!
Subscription Plans:
$7.99 Unlimited Bidding for 3 weeks --- with $500 win guarantee **
$20.00 Unlimited Bidding for 4 months --- with $2,000 win guarantee **
$40.00 Unlimited Bidding for 12 months --- with $4,000 win guarantee **

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