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Is there a minimum amount deducted from my BidRobot balance for each successful (winning) bid?

The minimum amount deducted from your bidrobot balance is $5 for any winning bid placed by Bidrobot.

Can I still bid manually if I use BidRobot.com? Can I outbid myself?

No you cannot outbid yourself.

Yes you can bid manually.

Even though BidRobot will be submitting a bid for you at the end of the auction, you may still manually bid on the same auction or any other auction. eBay’s proxy bidding limits the winning bid to an increment just slightly above the next highest bidder or just above the item’s reserve price (whichever is greater).

If an item’s reserve is $10 and you place three last minute bids at $15, $20, and $30 dollars, eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism will limit you to winning the auction at $10, which was the reserve price.

If another bidder’s high bid is $10 and you place three last minute bids at $15, $20 and $30, eBay’s proxy bidding mechanism will cause you to win the auction at $10.50 which is fify-cents more than the next highest bidder (other than yourself).


Why doesn’t the BidRobot screen automatically update the current high price of an item?

BidRobot doesn’t automatically update the current high bid, but you can press your F5 key to refresh the pending bids screen and display the current high bid. Here are the reasons it doesn’t update the high bid automatically:

  • The high bid displayed at eBay isn’t necessarily the maximum bid amount that the high bidder has submitted. A high bidder’s true high bid amount may be hidden by eBay’s proxy bidding system. You can read about proxy bidding by clicking here . The best philosophy for placing your bids is to place them once at the maximum you are willing to pay for an item. If you win, that’s great! if you lose then the winner paid too much for the item.
  • Not even eBay’s servers can keep bid prices current. For example, search for an item then compare the high bid shown on the search page with the high bid in the item listing. More often than not, eBay’s two high bid amounts disagree.

How do I change, delete, or cancel a bid?

You can change, delete, or cancel any bid waiting at BidRobot up to 5 minutes before the auction is scheduled to close. Simply Log-in then click the “edit” or “delete” button that is displayed below the item number in your list of items with pending bids.


BidRobot email said my bid was placed so why does eBay not show my bid?

Ebay will not accept your bid if it is not higher than the current high bid. For example, if another last-minute bidder places a higher bid than you, and he’s one second earlier than you, then your lower bid is not accepted by eBay and will not show up on the auction history.

eBay will also reject your bid if your bid doesn’t meet or exceed the minimum bid increment established by eBay. For example, an auction showing a high bid of $300 has a bid increment of $5, according to eBay rules. In this auction, eBay would reject any new bid less than $305 which is the current high bid ($300) plus the minimum allowed increment ($5). You can see eBay’s minimum increment table by clicking the link below:

eBay Bid Increments

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