Bid In Multiple eBay Auctions


Bid Groups: Bid on Many Auctions…but Win Only One Item

BidRobot’s “BidGroups” feature will allow you to bid on multiple eBay auctions for the same type of item. When you win any one auction in a BidGroup, BidRobot will automatically cancel the remaining bids in that specific BidGroup.It’s easy to use BidRobot to snipe single auctions. For single auctions, just type the item number and bid using only the yellow top section under the “Bid” title. You can ignore the entry forms in all other sections.

Here’s a BidGroup Example:

  1. SEARCH FOR AN ITEM: You may want to specifically purchase an “Minolta Dimage G500″ digital camera. Currently, 33 eBay auctions offer this specific model of digital camera.
  2. CHOOSE ONE OR MORE AUCTIONS TO BID ON: After reviewing the 33 auctions for the same camera, you decide that you want to place snipe bids in six auctions for this camera from six different sellers.
  3. CREATE FIRST SNIPE BID: Type your first snipe bid in the pale yellow “Bid” section at the very top of the bid screen. If you were just submitting a single bid for a single auction, you would be done. However, if you want to create a “group” of bids with the other five camera auctions, proceed to the next step.
  4. OPTIONALLY GROUP OTHER AUCTIONS: To bid on other seller’s auctions for this same camera, scroll down until you find the “Pending Bid Group” that contains your first camera bid from step #3. Then, use the form in that BidGroup area to add more snipe bids (for five additional Minolta camera auctions) to that specific BidGroup. You may add bids for as many additional auctions to this group as you like. To start a new BidGroup, you would go back to the pale yellow “Bid” section at the very top of the screen.
  5. YOUR BID HISTORY: If you win any one of the Minolta Camera auctions in that BidGroup, the remaining bids in that specific group will automatically be cancelled.

Additional BidGroup rules:

You can edit or delete any bid in a BidGroup up until 5 minutes before an auction closes.

Auctions in a BidGroup must end at least 90 seconds apart.  This is because BidRobot checks multiple eBay sources to confirm your win and BIdRobot may require 90 seconds to cancel other bids in a BidGroup after you’ve won an item.
You can see your recent bid history by clicking “Bid History” button in the menu. It’s important to note that only bids in that group are affected when you win an BidGroup auction. All your other BidRobot bids in other BidGroups are unaffected.

If BidRobot cannot confirm whether or not you are the winner of a closed auction then the entire Bid Group will automatically be cancelled.

If you are bidding on auctions are NOT in the same BidGroup, then there are absolutely no restrictions about auction ending times. If you want, you can bid on multiple auctions that end at exactly the same time! However, ending times of auctions in the same BidGroup must be at least 30 seconds apart to ensure that BidRobot can effectively cancel remaining bids if you win an item in a BidGroup auction.

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