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“Just a note to thank you for your magnificent product! I wrangled with one of your competitor’s programs, was hassled with updates that didn’t work and a program that placed bids less than 50% of the time. After losing thousands of dollars on missed bids, I saw your program in Reader’s Digest. I bought it that day and have been elated ever since.
Keep up the good work!”

Bill S.,
Tampa, FL

“I will be the first to say - I should be thanking you!!!
Your service has won me many an auction- AND stopped me from overspending when I really wanted something. I can usually just find the item again and try again!
With 6 kids BidRobot helps make my dollar go MUCH further!
I am one very HAPPY customer! THANK YOU!!!!!!”

Karen Glick,
Longmeadow, MA

“I managed to win 3 separate auctions for law books for my daughter (all current editions), for less than the price one of them cost new. One had quite competitive bidding on but bidrobot managed to trump the person who put their bid in 1 min before the end.
It’s much easier as well in that once you’ve set your limit you aren’t tempted to up it when you see bids pushing the price up.So thanks to you!”

Stephanie Goodrum,
Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom

“A big thank you from me today! We have just won a superb painting. We have to be careful how we bid, because if people realise that we are interested then the prices often go up quite high.
Suffice it to say that although we emailed the seller several times with questions, we didn’t disclose our interest on the auction page and used bidrobot to place our last minute bid. We got it for less than half the price that we were prepared to pay!! Cheers Chuck, we definitely owe you a good drink.”

Carla Thomas,
Polk County, Florida

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