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Joel Comm “I buy quite a bit of merchandise on eBay. However, I don’t have time to watch the bid on the items I wish to buy. BidRobot helps me win auctions while I am at work or asleep. BidRobot is like my personal servant, bidding on auctions for me. What a great time saver! I am a happy BidRobot customer!”
Joel Comm,
Best Selling Author,
“The Adsense Code”
Mike Wendland “It’s highly controversial but perfectly legal. And if you’ve ever lost out on an eBay auction by being outbid at the very last moment, [BidRobot] may very well be the reason why.”
Mike Wendland,
Detroit Free Press,
Marsha Collier “BidRobot deftly places sniping bids for you from its servers. I admit to using BidRobot, and it’s won many an auction for me while I’ve been on the road or busy writing”
Marsha Collier,
author of the best selling
“eBay For Dummies” books

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