My Bid History


Symbol Legend:

Item Won Item Won - Congratulations, you won!

Outbid by another bidder Outbid by Another Bidder - Unfortunately you lost because another bidder placed a bid that was higher (greater) than your bid.

Automatically Cancelled BidGroup Cancellation - You won another auction in the BidGroup so this BidGroup bid was automatically cancelled. To read more about BidGroups, click here

Submitted Submitted to eBay - BidRobot submitted your bid to eBay but it was rejected for some reason. Please send BidRobot support the item number for the specific reason.

Incorrect password Incorrect eBay Password - Your BidRobot ID and Password must exactly match your eBay ID and Password for BidRobot to place bids on your behalf.

Low Bid Increment Low Bid Increment - eBay didn’t accept your bid because it didn’t meet eBay’s bid increment requirement rule. Your bid must be one full “bid increment, plus one cent” greater than the highest bidder for you to become the new high bidder. eBay’s Bid Increments varies from 5-cents to $100, for auction over $5000. To read more about eBay’s bid Increment rules by visiting eBay’s link, click here

You are registered in a country to which the seller doesn't ship You are registered in a country to which the seller doesn’t ship - You are registered as an eBay bidder in a country to which the bidder has chosen not to ship.

Reserve not met Reserve not met - The seller set a reserve price for this auction and your bid didn’t meet or exceed the seller’s reserve price.

Transaction Blocked Transaction Blocked - Your bid was not accepted by eBay because the seller has chosen to specifically block you from bidding on this item. To read more about blocked bids, click here


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